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5 Easy Steps to getting started on uninsured billing 

Our "done for you" approach can get you up and confidently generating invoices and taking payment  in less than 24 hours!


Get informed

We are here to help you understand your rights, legal obligations, identify what is billable and what is not, understand the rules of the college, learn about what other Doctors are doing, and exploring the available options.


Be advised

We are here to guide & advise you in making informed decisions about which services you should include, if all doctors will offer the services, determining if you should offer block billing or just pay-as-you-go, identifying variations in pricing between doctors (if any), and establishing appropriate pricing for services rendered.


Be trained

We will provide you with Tried & Tested resources free of charge: pre-written template letters & emails to patients, which you can customize by adding your own personal touch; premium, heavy-duty signs for your waiting & exams rooms; professional billing pads for uninsured services & referrals; and one-on-one training sessions to guide you through your  new billing program & policies including techniques for communicating with patients. Training can in person at the clinic, if possible, or alternatively via video conference.


Clinic branded printed material will take an extra 3-5 business days to be made for you.



We are here to guide you through the physical go live, staring with placing signs in the waiting room, reception desk, and exam rooms; putting pads in each exam rooms for your convenience; sending out letters and emails to inform patients about your new billing policy. With these steps completed, you'll be ready to go!


Engage with your patients

Our commitment to you is ongoing. We will always be available to provide assistance, guidance, and training, as well as offer suggestions for improvements to help you assert your value as physicians and foster a culture of billing for services provided. We are dedicated to supporting you in these endeavors.

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