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We just needed a fix for a problem most Family Doctors have


Our Story

What started as a simple solution to address the financial issues of our Co-Founder's wife's clinic, evolved into a team of proven problem solvers and technologists that have come together to find a better and simpler way to help Family Physicians overcome the increasing disparity in costs of running a medical practice. Family Physicians are one of the lowest paid in the industry and make less today than 10-20 years ago, while costs have doubled over the average insurable per patient amount (MSP). By tapping into our expertise in building complex Back Office solutions from B2C/B2B, Manufacturing, Food, Retail, CPG and many other industries, we’re bringing a fresh new approach to Canada’s health and medical industry.

Our Vision

Family medicine has always been a sore point for everyone involved: patients, doctors, MOA’s, governments. Throw in complex and expensive EMR systems and there is little time or solution for physicians to focus on anything other than MCP billing. Throw in the added rising cost of a practice, Physicians today make less than they did 10-20 years ago. Our goal is to help make Family Physician practices attractive again, by reducing the barriers in running a successful medical practice, allowing Physicians to focus on helping patients. More solvent practice management results in more Physicians in Family Medicine and hopefully reducing patient to doctor rations. Which in turn, will reduce wait lists and durations for patients to have access to clinics.

Our Technology

SMYLS is a full modern web based cloud based solution built from ground up to simplify uninsured billing and block billing. Gone are the days of complex in clinic systems that require Physicians to have a degree in IT. We take care of everything, you just need to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) – ANY web enabled DEVICE. Lower costs, less maintenance and headaches for you. Our compliant and secure solution lets your staff manage your billing from anywhere and anytime. This allows flexibility to get more done in shorter time and lets you focus on helping your patients.

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