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Our Features

We've curated at set of features to make billing for uninsured services EASY, FAST and NON-INVASIVE on day-to-day operations of your practice

Invoices & payment in seconds on smyls.

  • Billing Efficiency & time savings. 

  • Find patients, select services, create invoices. 

  • Efficiently sent my SMS or Email.

  • Minimizes disruptions, easily streamlining and Integrating into your existing clinic workflow

Automated block billing & renewals on smyls. 

  • SMYLS Block Billing simplifies tracking and collecting payments. 

  • Automated annual and monthly payment options make it manageable and easier for patients to pay and ensure timely payment. 

  • Automated recurring and renewal processing reduces your clinic’s administrative burden and improves efficiency.

Full control of pricing & services on smyls.

  • SMYLS offers a pre-populated list of uninsured services that can be customized by adding or removing services as needed.

  • Multi-physician clinics can customize the list of offered services and pricing for each physician, giving greater flexibility and control over the billing process.

  • Customization provides tailored options to fit specific needs.

Up & running in 24 hours or less with smyls.

  • Our "done-for-you" approach gets you started quickly with minimal time and effort.

  • Our aim is to streamline the process, so you can concentrate on delivering excellent patient care.

  • We assist with selecting uninsured services, verifying pricing, and providing sample patient letters.

  • Free signs for waiting rooms, reception desks, exam rooms, and billing pads.

Integrated payment options on smyls.

  • Take payment anywhere with integrated credit card processing. 

  • Accept cheques, cash, even e-transfers.

  • Patients can pay invoices onsite, by phone or on mobile device, computer, and tablet. 

  • Credit cards are securely stored in the payment gateway for future transactions.

Integrated Email & SMS on smyls.

  • Communication is crucial to successful billing!

  • Keep patients informed with on time automated notifications.

  • Send notices when invoices are created, paid, or due.

  • Automate Block billing renewals & invitations.

  • Makes the billing process efficient & effective

Significantly increase revenue on smyls.

  • Implementing a well-designed uninsured billing policy with SMYLS has led to increased revenue by over $100,000 per physician!

  • Extra revenue like this can be used to cover increasing expenses, invest in improving care, or attract new physicians to the clinic.

  • DID YOU KNOW: Payment increases from Canadian Provincial Health Authorities to physicians have been well below inflation over the past 10-20 years.

White glove support with real humans with smyls.

  • High-touch, personalized support with our White Glove SMYLS team.

  • Real human assistance to help you get up and running quickly and confidently.

  • Dedicated team of specialists always available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer training.

  • Get the help you need wherever and whenever you need it.

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