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Simplifying invoicing of uninsured services for Physicians

Uninsured billing is Approved by

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Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 12.32_edited.j

The easiest way to manage uninsured services

Invoice & take payment in15 seconds

Full control over pricing & services

Integrated payment processing

Automatic Block Billing & renewals

Email & SMS invoices & receipts

Be up and running in less than 24hrs

Increase physician & clinic revenue today

White glove support with real humans!

Learn how we make

uninsured billing easy

Examples of what you can, and cannot bill patients for


  • Missed appointments

  • Insurance forms

  • Cosmetic cryo-therapy (skintags & warts)

  • Referrals (physio, massage, etc.) 

  • Physical exam requested by a 3rd party

  • Letter of exclusion from Jury duty

  • Sick note for work, school, etc.

  • Immunization record certificate 

  • Prescription refill, by phone 

  • Travel vaccination consult 

  • Transfer of records

  • Routine annual complete physical 


  • Services covered by provincial insurance

  • Access to and or preferential access to medical treatment or advice.

  • Consumables, such as examining gowns, tongue depressors, chemstrips, & dipsticks 

  • Rental charges for instruments or equipment used in rendering the service

  • Tray fees

  • Maintaining an office

  • Maintaining & storing medical records

  • Arranging appropriate medical referrals

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What is the legality ?

Charging for uninsured services is not only legal, but also endorsed and encouraged by medical associations, colleges, and even provincial governments.

Patient reaction

"...I recieved virtually zero push back from patients. Many actually thanked me for years of free service..."

Better billing

"...Before SMYLS We had a card terminal at reception. We now capture 10X more & unpaid invoices are almost non-existent"

Average invoice

""Thanks to SMYLS' assistance with our pricing strategy, we were able to triple our average invoice.".

Start your journey today

A masterclass in uninsured billing

SMYLS Health is a Medical Practice Management System and Canada Uninsured Medical Billing

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