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'My biggest fear is people falling through the cracks':

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Doctors sound alarm about proposed billing changes

Alberta government proposing changing regulations around doctor billing, complex care

The "severity" of proposed provincial changes to the way doctors schedule, bill, and interact with their patients has prompted outcry from some Alberta physicians.

The changes would alter rates at which doctors can bill, fees for what are known as complex care plans, and changes to mandatory drivers' medicals for those aged 74 or older.

"I think the first thing that goes through my mind is that this is a blatant and horrible attack on primary care," said Jillian Ratti, a Calgary-based physician. "This appears very much as a cynical attempt to divide physicians right before negotiations, and I'm disgusted by that, frankly."

The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) was informed of the changes on Nov. 14, and given until Dec. 20 to provide a response to the government. In a letter sent to AMA members, president Christine Molnar said the board had "deep concerns" about the changes.

"These proposals have a significant potential for patient harm," Molnar said. "They are directly against the platform that the government ran on."



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