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Doctor says Alberta's proposed funding changes will result in '10-minute medicine'

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Dr. Matt Henschke is asking the health minister not to proceed with planned policy changes

Proposed changes to family medicine in Alberta will incentivize doctors to see patients for just 10 minute appointments in order to maintain or maximize revenue, one Calgary doctor says.

Dr. Matt Henschke has drafted a letter he plans to hand out to patients at Britannia Medical Clinic in southwest Calgary.

"We wanted them to be aware that we don't necessarily want to change the way that we have to practise," he said.

In the letter, he explains that due to changes to the Alberta health-care insurance plan, the clinic will:

  • Cut appointment length to 10 minutes.

  • Make seniors responsible for paying privately for drivers physicals.

  • Require multiple or more frequent visits for complex problems.

  • Reduce evening and weekend hours.

"It's terrible," Henschke said.



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