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Alternate payment model is saving province millions at two Alberta clinics

HQCA studied 10 years' worth of data at two clinics that offer team-based model of care.

A new report by the Health Quality Council of Alberta reveals two Alberta primary care clinics — using an alternative funding model for doctors — are saving the health-care system millions of dollars a year.

HQCA studied 10 years' worth of data from Calgary's Crowfoot Village Family Practice and The Taber Clinic, both of which offer a team-based model of care.

Instead of a fee-for-service payment system used by most Alberta physicians — where doctors bill the province for every patient visit — the two clinics receive yearly block funding from Alberta Health to care for a patient regardless of how often that person is seen.

"We can say very clearly that the experience at both of those clinics has led to better outcomes for their patients and at a lower cost for the system," said Andrew Neuner, CEO of the Health Quality Council of Alberta.

HQCA found that while these clinics cost the province more upfront, they saved the health care system a combined total of nearly $120 million over 10 years.

According to the report, one of the main drivers of the savings is fewer hospital trips.



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